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Berkshires Sports Extra is recorded at and airs multiple times each week on Community Television for the Southern Berkshires (CTSB), channel 17 in South Berkshire County. It also airs on Pittsfield Community Television (PCTV), channel 16 in Central Berkshire County. 
Here is an archive of all past Sports Extra shows.

Episode 128 (Monument Mountain Girls Tennis tops Lee for Western Mass title)

Episode 127 (Results & Highlights from Track & Field sectionals, Lee Boys Lacrosse WMass tournament game)

Episode 126 (Mt. Everett Softball Highlights, Previewing Western/Central Mass Track & Field Meet)

Episode 125 (Baseball in the Berkshires Exhibit, Highlights from Mt. Everett Baseball walk-off & Lee vs. Miss Hall's Girls Lax)

Episode 124 (Devon Walker signs D1 Football LOI, Nate Stump talks PHS vs. Taconic rivalry weekend, end of St. Joseph)

Episode 123 (Best Awards Show 2017)

Episode 122 (County Individuals Track & Field meet, PHS & Taconic Baseball on the Cape)

Episode 121 (Week 1 of Berkshire County Spring Sports and Julia Murphy signing at Providence College)

Episode 120 (Burning Questions to preview each Berkshire County Softball team's 2017 season)

Episode 119 (Burning Questions to preview each Berkshire County Baseball team's 2017 season)

Episode 118 (Reviewing Hoosac Girls Basketball State title and PHS Girls in the State semis)

Episode 117 (Reviewing Western Mass Basketball Championships, previewing Hoosac Girls State title)

Episode 116 (Previewing Western Mass Basketball finals, Review of State Alpine Ski Meet and Tanner Hill's state title)

Episode 115 (Early rounds of Western Mass Basketball and Ice Hockey tournaments)

Episode 114 (Video highlights from WMass Wrestling title matches, State meets, Early thoughts on hoop playoffs)

Episode 113 (Western Mass Swimming and Wrestling review, Karli Retzel 1,000 points)

Episode 112 (Previewing big hoop games: Greylock-Mt. Everett Girls, Taconic-Wahconah Boys, Pittsfield-Hoosac Girls)

Episode 111 (Discussing the week's big local sports stories)

Episode 110 (Discussing the week's big local sports stories )

Episode 109 (Previewing PHS-Taconic Boys, Gwen Carpenter's 1,000th point, Highlights from Gib Kittredge)

Episode 108 (Countdown to Lee-Mt. Everett Girls, First County Alpine meet and much more)

Episode 107 (Reviewing all the top local sports stories from 2016)

Episode 106 (Courier's All-Central County Football All-Stars, Highlights from Wahconah Girls Hoop)

Episode 105 (Thoughts on Week 1 Basketball, Wrestling and Swimming picture)

Episode 104 (Burning Questions Boys and Girls Basketball Preview)

Episode 103 (Previewing Wahconah Football at State Title Game)

Episode 102 (Previewing Football, Soccer and Volleyball Western Mass title games)

Episode 101 ()

Episode 100 (100th Episode! Western Mass Golf, PHS-Lee Volleyball highlights)

Episode 99 (Steinman and Guachione choose St. Anselm, Wahconah-THS Football highlights, Lenox Soccer)

Episode 98 (Football highlights, Berkshire Classic Golf)

Episode 97 ()

Episode 96 ()

Episode 95 (2016 Berkshire County Football Preview)

Episode 94 (US Open trip, Todd Poulton boxing highlight clips, Soccer Previews)

Episode 93 (Features on Tommy Hankey, Bailey Patella, Carl Samuelson, Jiminy Peak and more)

Episode 92 (Dominic Dastoli of joins the guys to discuss his Mark Belanger documentary)

Episode 91 (Pittsfield Police Officer Darren Derby joins to discuss #HoopsNotCrime initiative)

Episode 90 (Julia Murphy joins Mike Walsh to cover the 16U World Series champion Berkshire Force)

Episode 89 (Post 68 heads to Regionals, Central County Baseball All-Stars announced)

Episode 88 (Nate Stump joins Josh Sullivan to talk all things Pittsfield Post 68)

Episode 87 (Berkshire Force alumna Julia Murphy joins to talk about this year's squad)

Episode 86 (Reviewing 2nd Berkshire County Basketball Challenge)

Episode 85 (Looking for chemistry within Post 68, previewing Berkshire County Basketball Challenge)

Episode 84 (WMass titles for Wahconah and Lenox Baseball, wrapping spring season)

Episode 83 (Previewing WMass finals fo Wahconah, Lenox & McCann Tech Baseball, Hoosac Valley Softball)

Episode 82 (Tournament wins for PHS, Monument, Wahconah Baseball, big WMass wins for Wahconah Lacrosse)

Episode 81 (Who is playoff-bound from Berkshire County this spring?)

Episode 80 (Pittsfield Suns 2016 preview with new General Manager Kristen Huss)

Episode 79 (Highlight package from PHS-WRHS Softball, Berkshire Elite, PHS-THS Baseball preview)

Episode 78 (Best Awards for South, Central and North County sports!)

Episode 77 (Albany Lady Stars AAU coach Antwan Morrison on Benzinger, Guachione, Steinman, Creamer)

Episode 76 (Boston Marathon wrap, strong softball teams in County, Taconic-PHS Baseball game)

Episode 75

Episode 74 (All-Central & All-South County Boys & Girls Basketball teams are introduced)

Episode 73 (Special guest Tom Daley of Baseball in the Berkshires discusses putting together the exhibit at Arrowhead)

Episode 72 (Burning question for each Central/South County baseball and softball team)

Episode 71 (Highlight packages from all five Berkshire County games at Western Mass finals Saturday)

Episode 70 (Cage Week! Western Mass finals previews for Mt Everett, Hoosac Valley, Drury and Pittsfield girls, HV and PHS boys)

Episode 69 (WMass tourney talk, Lenox, HV Boys, Lee, PHS, Wahconah Girls, Wahconah Hockey, Previewing PHS-Taconic game)

Episode 68 (Projecting seeds, performances for WMass Basketball teams, State Alpine roundup)

Episode 67 (WMass Wrestling highlights, review WMass Swimming, State Skiers, Who's in Hoop Playoffs?)

Episode 66 2/12/16 (Previewing Boys Basketball rivalry nights, reviewing All-Berkshire Alpine)

Episode 65 2/5/16 (Mike and Josh power rank Berkshire County Boys and Girls Basketball teams)

Episode 64 1/29/16 (Highlights from Pittsfield-Taconic Boys, Steinman's 1,000th point)

Episode 63 1/22/16 (Previewing Pittsfield-Taconic Rivalry Night)

Episode 62: 1/15/16 (Hockey talk, girls hoop, boys hoop, Taconic Wrestling highlight video)

Episode 61 (Preview Monument-St. Joe Swimming, post-break Hoop and Hockey updates)

Episode 60 (Final week of 2015, welcome back Nate Stump)

Episode 59

Episode 58 (Burning questions for each local Girls and Boys Basketball team)

Episode 57

Episode 56 (Western Mass championship previews, PHS-Taconic Football highlights)

Episode 55 (The guys discuss Week 1 of Western Mass tournaments)

Episode 54 (Introducing new Record Sports Editor Josh Sullivan, previewing final regular season football games)

Episode 53 (Highlights from Miss Hall's Soccer & Volleyball, Pittsfield Girls Soccer, Wahconah-Hoosac Football & Wahconah Volleyball)

Episode 52 (Previewing Football: Lee-Greylock, Hoosac-Wahconah, and more)

Episode 51 (Previewing Lee-Pittsfield Football, Taconic-Lee FB & Pittsfield Boys Soccer Highlights)

Episode 50 (How real is Taconic Football, Can Wahconah get back on track, Soccer movement)

Episode 49 (Jumping-off Power Rankings for Berkshire County Boys and Girls' Soccer)

Episode 48 (Previewing weekend's football games and other big contests in high school sports)

Episode 47 (Berkshire County Football Special - 78 minutes)

Episode 46 (Each High School Soccer team's burning question)

Episode 45 (Baseball and the Berkshires exhibit, preview of big things on horizon, BABL)

Episode 44 (Pittsfield 15s, Lee Boys' Soccer, Football Walker System, BABL)

Episode 43 (Berkshire Force, Post 68, Downswings Indoor Golf Center)

Episode 42 (Berkshire Force & Pittsfield 15s alumni offer advice to current teams ahead of World Series trips)

Episode 41 (Nate Stump & Steve Witkowski join to talk Post 68 state title, Force/15s to World Series)

Episode 40 (Post 68, Pittsfield 14s & 15s, Berkshire Force, South Softball All-Stars, Murphy transfer)

Episode 39 (Berkshire County Basketball Challenge highlight clips)

Episode 38 (Previewing the Berkshire County Basketball Challenge)

Episode 37 (State of Berkshire County Baseball & Softball teams. Throw 60 seconds on the clock!)

Episode 36 (Spring wrap, introducing summer topics/Berkshire County Basketball Challenge)

Episode 35 (Western Mass Finals previews for Pittsfield & Wahconah Softball, and Lenox-Monument Tennis)

Episode 34 (Early postseason review and preview of games week of June 8)

Episode 33 (Joined by Asst. GM Morgan Powell to preview Pittsfield Suns season at Wahconah Park)

Episode 32 (Cooperstown review, Nate Stump in for Walsh, What teams have work left to do)

Episode 31 (Cooperstown Classic preview, North Division Race)

Episode 30 (Is Lacrosse catching on quick enough?)

Episode 29 (First look at Berkshire County Softball Power Rankings)

Episode 28 (First look at Berkshire County Baseball Power Rankings)

Episode 27 (Review from Week 1 of Spring Sports Season)

Episode 26 (Burning questions for all Baseball and Softball teams)

Episode 25 (Best 2015 Central/South County Award Show)

Episode 24 (Boys' Hoop All-Stars, New Football Divisions proposal)

Episode 23 (Shot Clock: 60-second rundown on state of all 17 hoop teams covered by Berkshire Record and The Berkshire Courier)

Episode 22 (Preview Hoosac Valley state title games with Nate Stump/highlights from HV Boys' semifinal 2OT win)

Episode 21 (Miss Hall's Matt Ward/Western Mass Finals previews)

Episode 20 (Western Mass Basketball Tournaments)

Episode 19 (Looking at Basketball playoffs and Western Mass Wrestling)

Episode 18 (Special Guest Nate Stump)
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Episode 17 (Wrestling, Girls and Boys' Hoops)
Call 413-528-5380 ext. 34 and leave a recording with your nominee for top male/female/freshmen athlete, game, play, coach and team of the year!

Episode 16 (Who is the top team in Berkshire County Boys' Hoops)
Call 413-528-5380 ext. 34 and leave a recording with your nominee for top male/female/freshmen athlete, game, play, coach and team of the year!

Episode 15 (Berkshire County Boys' Basketball, Super Bowl Prop Bets for Crunch M&Ms)

Episode 14 (Call 413-528-5380 ext. 34 and leave a message with your nominees for Best Male/Female/Freshman Athlete, Team, Game, Play & Coach!)

Episode 13 (Pittsfield-Taconic rivalry, Winter hats)

Episode 12 (2014 Year in Review)

Episode 11 (Early-season basketball, Pats-Jets)

Episode 10 (Christmas, Wahconah Super Bowl)

Episode 09

Episode 08

Episode 07

Episode 06

Episode 05

Episode 04

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